Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health Improvements

Surprise! I don't have a hernia after all, as shown by the latest scan. And Dear Husband doesn't have peripheral neuropathy. They're still trying to work out what he does have.

I am almost better from my symptoms. He isn't, by a long shot, but has experienced some temporary relief. We are putting both these improvements down to various kinds of complementary healing we've been trying. The details are on my Cronewyze blog (for magickal and energy matters) under the heading, 'Healing Miracles or Medical Mysteries?'


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  2. Dear Readers, the above is a piece of spam that got through, designed to advertise the sender's business, (Which is not much use to people who don't live in or near Yorba, India.) However, I'll leave it here. What it says is indeed true and useful, and a good chiropractor is worth finding.


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